Great weekend Joe! Everything was top notch. No complaints on my end.

Hoping to join you guys for another trip very soon.

Colleen Feeney

You are amazing. To be honest I was a little nervous with the amount of buses we had going and knowing how the Flyers fan are that it would be a disaster. Well I am so proud of how they handled themselves. 
Bus 3 had the best fans on it. I may not have had long conversations with everyone but the ones I met are great people. Eight of us were from Section 212-213 and I was able to introduce them to each other so new friendships were formed. One of them won a stadium jersey so that was plus for him.
People on the bus are ready for another trip seeing how well organized this one was. Requests for Las Vegas so I am asking for bus 3.
Patty Encarnado
Thank you Joe, had a great weekend with my son, thanks again.
Tom Mount


Thanks for all of the coordination around the trip.

We had a great time.  Definitely could have been a better outcome to the game.

The fact that we had such unusual weather was also a plus.  It was so nice on Friday and then cold for the game which made for a better experience.

Ralph and I had a great time and looking forward to joining everyone for another trip in the future.



Thanks again for everything Joe. Me, Lobb, Pat and Todd, along with the rest of the guys had a great time and now I don’t hate the city of Pittsburgh as much as I once did haha. Catch you on another one soon!!
– Nick 

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