We had a great time, my two oldest loved it and are looking forward to more trips in the future.
Thanks for what you guys do.
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They can not stop talking about what a good time it was. They said the hotel was absolutely beautiful (their view was spectacular) and the location was fantastic in proximity the event and sightseeing . From  pre-gaming, the bars, food to the  game everything was  awesome ( their words). Best of all they met some wonderful people and said they would definitely be joining you on the next trip-no matter where it was. Thank you so much for planning it all and keep me posted for future trips.

Thanks for everything Joe. We had a great time and hope to see you again soon. Marty
Martin J. Overline, ACE

Hey Joe, I was going to drop you a line.  Nick and I had a ball!

Joe, the whole trip was so relaxing you guys took care of everything.  Frankly, the only thinking Nick and I had to do was to decide where to eat breakfast.
Gretzky’s bar Friday night was great fun; unfortunately the wrong Flyers team showed up.  We spent way too much at the gift shop—— ah. so what.  Nick was thrilled to win the Hextall jersey at the Saturday night Raffle.  Hextall has always been his favorite player.  He has a jersey from every team Ron played for; however he did not have an orange flyers jersey.  He does now!  An uneven flyers effort finished with another Ghost winning goal in overtime, completed a great night.
Joe, we really can not think of anything you can improve upon.  From the hotel, and its great location, the Hall of Fame  the game and all the scheduled events, everything was a total blast.
 Merritt & Nick Wolfe

Hey Joe,

 Thank you for putting all this together. This was our second trip and had a blast on both. We look forward to more trips with the group! 
Thanks again,
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Hey Joe, 

I had a great time and thought that the Watch Party and dinner before the game was awesome! We were walking the street on our way to Real Sports Bar and met random Flyers fans that were going to the same party! It was crazy! 
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Phenomenal trip. I absolutely loved the Montreal trip and this trip blew that one out of the water. Really hope another Canada trip is coming next year! Maybe Ottawa? 🙂

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