We had an amazing time!! Cant wait till the next trip! Was so much fun!!!! What a great group we took over tornto and air canada centre!


I was actually goin to send you an email today about the trip. We had an absolutely awesome time! I know we don’t get super involved in the pregame parties and stuff, but we try to see as much of whatever city we are in when we are there. We got to do 3 tours and the CN tower this weekend. We really appreciate that the transportation, hotel, and game tickets are taken care of because ithe frees us up to plan the other stuff. Thank you for all of your hard work organizing these trips and we will definitely be doing more in the future.
Let’s go Flyers,

I just wanted to thank you for a great trip. It was a greatly planned trip once again never disappoints! Thanks again!

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Dear Joe,
Great time, wouldn’t change a thing. My son and I thank you very much.
Best regards,
Dave Saylor

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