Phans of Philly @ Kansas City (Gameday Packages)

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All details of the tailgate are listed below. If you have any questions please email




*Parking is not included in the tailgate. If you are looking for parking please let us know and we can set it up right next to us!*

Join hundreds of Birds fans at our tailgate party in Kansas City! We want to go all out for Monday Night Football!

Phans of Philly always tries to make a meaningful impact in the cities we travel to. In the past, we have donated group tickets to underprivileged youth and sports programs. For this tailgate, we are teaming up with a great local non-profit. The Kansas City PALS program under the Center for Developmentally Disabled. We have already pledged a great donation of our own upfront! We will also host a raffle at the tailgate for some cool prizes! All the money raised will go directly to the program! Lets show them some BROTHERLY LOVE!

We have rented out our own private parking lot for Birds fans only! It is across the street from the stadium and about a 10 minute walk!

The tailgate will be 4-hours long (2:30 PM to 6:30 PM). The game is at 7:25 PM

We will have a spread of great Kansas City BBQ included and all of your beer, mixed drinks, and non alcoholic drinks!

There will be a DJ on site as well to keep the party going! We hope you can join us!

We also have upper level corner/endzone game tickets in our sections! We have some large blocks and you will be seated with at least 50+ other Eagles fans! Sit amongst your own fans!