What if I sign up for a trip and it is later affected by COVID19?


The full value of your trip will be recovered in a combination of credits and money within 60 days of an announcement.

Please understand certain vendors we work with may have different refund policies. For instance, certain airlines may only offer credit in your name for future travel for the airfare portion of your trip. In that case we are unable to refund that portion out of pocket.

Your initial deposit per person will be issued as a credit towards any future Phans of Philly trip. Your deposit is used to help alleviate some of the financial impact and risk we take up front. For instance, if teams do not officially “cancel” the games and just “postpone” the games to a later date. Phans of Philly would need to absorb the cost of the game tickets. Also, games being cancelled, played without fans, or postponed has no direct affect on the airlines. Unless there is a travel ban or government shutdown than the airlines will still operate the flights we are in contract with. Therefore, Phans of Philly is still accountable for any payments made to the airlines and will be difficult to break the contract after a certain point. We also run the risk a vendor does not fulfill their refund policy or delays their refund (locations of the planned parties, caterers, transportation companies, equipment rental companies, etc).

No matter what happens, the total cost of your trip will be recovered in a combination of credits and money. We will go above and beyond and make sure you are taken care of going forward. We thank you in advance and appreciate your understanding.

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